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Who we are?

Futura Cricket is a Division of Futura Sports Agency (Pty) Ltd, where you will find amazing news & content with regards to all things to do with cricket training, matches, high performance camps, tours abroad and much, much more. Futura Cricket aims to assist players to execute their dreams & this is also the home of the prestigious Futura Cricket Academy. We cannot wait to have you join our community and engage with us on our various platforms. If you haven’t already done so then make sure you subscribe to our Futura Cricket YouTube channel for awesome video content.

We’re a specialist division of Futura Sports Agency (Pty) Ltd who are a South African based international sports management agency who look out for the best interests of our professional cricketing clients. Futura Sports Agency represents both local & international based cricketing men & women from provincial, county, franchise & International levels. At Futura Cricket we specialise in helping you become the best you can become through hard work, determination, passion & dedication. We aim to provide you with some insight into career management as well as enlighten you on all things cricket related by having access to our professionals through arranged events. We care for our player’s growth & constant improvement whilst on our Prodigy to Pro or Academy programs so this is why Futura Cricket has been born. Thus, we hope we can be of assistance to you as you embark on enhancing your cricketing journey.

Paddy Steytler

Owner & Managing Director

At Futura Cricket when it comes to helping cricketers reach their full potential and being recognised in their sporting field, there are no lengths we will not go to. We are not just here to look after your sporting needs as we aim to ensure that our players make the correct life decisions and are educated about all things financially related to improvement as well as being prepped for those unforeseen & devastating injuries. We at Futura Cricket are here to provide you with the various insights into the cricketing world & it’s important to note that we care about all aspects of our players lives and so are on call 24/7 for you and your needs. Nothing is ever too much!

Welcome to Prodigy to Pro, where cricketing dreams turn into reality. Our mentorship is dedicated to nurturing young cricket prodigies, paving the way for their journey from promising talent to professional cricketers.

Crafting Champions, On and Off the Field!
At Prodigy to Pro, we believe in comprehensive development, nurturing talent not just in cricket but also in life skills. We focus on holistic mentorship, providing a roadmap to success that encompasses education, cricketing prowess, and personal growth.

Tailored Mentorship for Promising Talents
Our program tailors guidance based on individual needs. From talented schoolboy cricketers to aspiring elites, we offer a structured approach that accelerates their growth, hones their skills, and prepares them for the professional cricketing world.

Join the Journey to Success

Enrollment details and requirements – please get them to register on the website & also email me paddy@futurasports.co.za as this doesn’t seem to come through on the info email at times.

Mobile Number: +27741018298

At Prodigy to Pro, we’re not just crafting cricketing champions; we’re shaping futures.

Join us on this transformative journey, and let’s sculpt the next generation of cricketing stars.