Prodigy To Pro

“We work with cricketing prodigies from the age of 15 to help educate, guide & mentor them to potentially have a professional career without having to sacrifice on their financial futures!”


Our Prodigy to Pro programme has been set up to educate, guide & mentor young cricketing talent and provide them with an opportunity to begin their journey to hopefully becoming a professional cricket player by providing them with the initial steps needed to be able to execute on their dreams if this is their chosen career path down the line. This program is open to cricketers from 15 years old & above, of all skill levels & from any high school.

Our programme gives our cricket prodigies, from the age of 15 years old & above the opportunity to develop holistically in order to gain a greater vision of what they are wanting to achieve. They will be educated & guided with the aid of our sporting mentor in many aspects of life that will attempt to assist them on their journey to the top whether it be locally or abroad, in sport or in their chosen field. We fully understand that youngsters go through phases whilst growing up but regardless of which direction life takes these young prodigies, this mentorship program leaves them being a better person.


To assist in educating, growing & mentoring young people, who just happen to be sporting prodigies, whilst preparing them to take on their journey to the top in the sporting world or in their chosen field & all the challenges that come with it along the way.


Are you a young cricket prodigy 15 years old & above?

Shouldn’t you be seeking a mentorship program with professional assistance that will put you on a path to possibly becoming a professional?

Are you a young cricket prodigy but you aren’t sure who to speak to or what you need to work on?

Do you want to pursue a career in cricket and set yourself up for financial success in the future?


We have successfully scouted most of our Prodigy to Pro Athletes from their various schools around South Africa & abroad. It is here where we are helping to educate, guide & mentor youngsters as well as refining their skills through our specialised cricket division, Futura Cricket. If you think you have what it takes to make it, contact us NOW! Join the Prodigy to Pro Mentorship Program to help you with the steps and processes you need to succeed in cricket and in life!